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Reading together since 1878, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle has remained a leader in adult education through quality programming.

Each summer, the CLSC chooses nine books of literary quality and invites the authors to Chautauqua present their work to an audience of approximately 1,000 readers.

2014 CLSC
Vertical Theme

In unity with Chautauqua’s inter-arts collaboration on American expansionism, books chosen as Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle selections in 2014 will also celebrate the themes of exploration and discovery. In most cases, the book will complement the theme of its corresponding week. In all selections, exceptional writing will define the authors honored by the CLSC.


2014 CLSC Selections

Rosenblatt Roger CLSC 062614 cover

Week One
Roger Rosenblatt
The Boy Dectective

The CLSC Young Readers program encourages the enjoyment of good reading. The books have been chosen for their quality, the variety of styles and subjects, and their appeal to young adult readers.

Applicants pay modest membership dues and may purchase CLSC selections at substantial savings when they register.

The Alumni Association of the CLSC was incorporated in 1893 to provide an organization that encourages CLSC graduates to continue reading and study.


CLSC Book Chats for the 2013–14 off-season are complete.


Thank you for your participation. We are considering changes to the chat schedule and format for the 2014–15 off-season and welcome your input — please use the form on our Contact Us.