Week Eight :: Aug. 12–19

Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Media, News, and Ethics in the Digital Age

The world community now experiences a 24/7 barrage of news and information that penetrates all aspects of the world’s culture – indeed, that not only shapes commerce, consumerism, and world affairs, but also permeates the private sphere.  What are the ethical obligations of information consumers?  Of the community?  What are the ethics of reporting and advocacy?  How does the citizen discern truth and make ethical choices in the face of Big Data and big distortions?  In this week we will ask how to stay afloat in the flood of information-overload.  

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2 p.m. Lectures


  • Monday, August 14, 2017 | 02:00pm

    Jim Fallows

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    Moderator, Monday through Friday, August 12–19, 2017, 2:00pm | A national correspondent for The Atlantic, Fallows is co-creator, with his wife Deborah, of the publication’s American Futures project. He's founding chairman of the New America Foundation, a frequent public-radio commentator and the author of 11 books.

    Location: Hall of Philosophy
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